“Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand” – Oscar de la Renta.

When you incorporate silk into your life, there’s simply no going back. This miracle fibre is one of those little luxuries that we all need in our lives. Available in everything from underwear to silk sheet sets, this little luxury offers a number of surprisingly big benefits.Calidad Home.

Women’s Health
Did you know that silk prevented menopausal hot flashes, prevented sings of ageing and relieved skin conditions? Due to its hypoallergenic properties, Silk is a cool haven for hot flashes caused by fluctuating hormones found commonly in women of a certain age.

Silk is a tightly woven fibre that helps keep moisture close to the skin, according to dermatologists. As such, sleeping on silk sheet sets, or even wearing silk masks, keeps your skin far more hydrated than if you were to sleep on cotton sheets. People with dry or flakey skin will adore this benefit. In addition, keeping moisture close to the skin also helps prevent signs of ageing, as plump skin cells show fewer lines than dehydrated skin cells. Are you amazed yet?

Helps Prevent Allergies
As the most hypoallergenic fibre in the world, it’s nearly impossible to be allergic to silk. Silk’s natural proteins, amino acids and other naturally occurring substances keep many environmental allergens away – stuff like dust, mold and fungus, which can cause serious skin conditions if left untreated.

Relieves Skin Irritation
The antimicrobial properties of quality silk can have profound benefits on people suffering from skin irritation, say doctors. Because silks is naturally made from slong, smooth fibres that are tightly woven by the silk worm, it is far better at tolerating skin allergies or irritation than other fibres. People who are experiencing skin irritation should seriously consider swapping from synthetic to silk sheet sets to maintain, and even reverse the effects of their skin irritations.

Keeps Hair Shiny
If you weren’t convinced of Silk’s superpowers yet, this incredible fibre even keeps your hair looking healthy and shiny, giving whole new meaning to the phrase “silky smooth”. Health and beauty experts believe the fabric’s properties nurture soft, moisturised hair, free of unwanted tangles and static effects. Silk sheet sets and pillowcases are so smooth that hair easily slides over it, as opposed to harsher fabrics such as cotton which can cause damaging breakage. What’s more, people who have had their hair styled will love silk as it maintains the style as you sleep. Women who sleep on silk sheet sets will prevent the build up of oil, holding on to blow waves for an extra couple of days.