Preparing for a second child can be a little worrying. You will be able to make use of a lot of the clothes, feeding accessories and toys from your first child, but what about the pushchair. A pushchair is an important part of a child’s younger years, so you want to make sure that it is comfortable and of good quality. Now that you have two young children, you may want to consider getting a double pushchair. These particular pushchairs come in a couple of designs, the tandem chair style and the double pram type. Buying a double pushchair is quite a big purchase so you’ll need to consider a few factors before settling on one. Here is a guide to these two types of double pushchair, giving you some much-needed advice on their pros and cons and hopefully making your decision an easier one.

A: The Tandem Pushchair. This double buggy is almost the same as the original one seated kind. It has been made with the chairs positioned one in front of the other, so that your children will sit front to back with one behind. This is probably the most popularly sold double pushchair type, because it is durable and very lightweight. This variety is able to fold up into a compact size, making it easy to store away when not in use. The seat positioning has the added benefit of separating the kids from one another; this helps to avoid any quarrels or arguments, which can sometimes seem endless from our point of view. To make the whole process of going out with your children easier, the tandem pushchairs come with retractable back seats. If you also use a baby car seat then this car seat can be put directly into the double pushchair. This speeds up the whole process, and leaves you smiling and stress free. I strongly suggest you to visit lightweight double pushchair to learn more about this.

B: The double prams. This double pushchair has one difference to the previous design; its seats are positioned side by side. Your children can sit beside each other; this is a good choice if your babies get on well. This added width makes this double pushchair very stable and well balanced, so there is less worry of an accident. The difficulty with the extra width is that it makes the pushchairs difficult to move in tight spaces or even fit into your car boot. Unfortunately this style of pushchair doesn’t have the option of retractable seats, but on the plus side it moves much quicker and has better maneuverability in comparison to the tandem types. So if you like jogging with your children, or going out for long walks in the countryside then this is the choice for you. Both of the double pushchair designs offer basically the same function; they give your two children a safe and comfortable mode of transport, and help you to take them out with little effort. If you want a quiet and calm outing experience with your kids around the city or in the park, then the tandem is for you. If you like to go on long trips out of town, have well behaved kids and own a large vehicle, then the double pram might suit you best. Double pushchairs are available everywhere and kits can even be ordered online and assembled at home. The usual prices go from $200 all the way up to $600, which is well within the reach of most people’s budgets. You will find that these double pushchairs can save you a lot of time and energy, also just think you can reuse them the next time you have a baby.