Turning the pages of books no longer interest the kids, they now prefer to read them online by swapping their fingers either over an ipad or a tablet. Technology today enables everyone to make the optimum use of anything and one of them is book reading. Reading has become easier for the new generation kids with the change in the style of reading. Reading books online will only increase the demand of the books in the future. Digital books make it easier for the kids to enjoy reading and also help them to select from the numerous genres.official sourceĀ best teen fiction books.

In 2012, a survey was conducted by Marketing Charts showed that almost 23% respondents have read an online book in the last six months. On the other hand, the survey also revealed that there was a drop in the number of population reading the printed ones. By reading the aforementioned paragraphs you have already come to know about the popularity of reading a book online. Now let us know the benefits of reading books online.

-Preserve Literary works: Most of the master pieces of literature are destroyed due to floods or fires and hence they are not worthy reading. Online books are not prone to such kind of damage. They can be kept exactly in the same way for years and ages. It also prevents them from getting lost.

-Portability: You can carry a bunch of books from one place to another without any difficulty, where as traditional books requires much space and cannot be stored together until and unless you have a book shelf. They can be read at anytime and anywhere. All you need to have is an internet connection.

-Font’s adjustment: There are many books that become difficult to read due to the small size of the fonts. It also affects the eye severely. When we read them online there are options for adjusting the font size of the letters so that it becomes easier for the reader to read.

-Availability: All kinds of books are available online every time. Many traditional books are available online today. Every day millions of them are transformed in to electronic format. This is done in order to avoid the cost as they reduce the cost of publishing and take less time to publish online.

-Media Content: There are many online books for children which come with a lot of media content. Some of them play an audio clip which enables the user to listen to the content or the story.

With more internet penetration in all parts of the world, the market share of online books is increasing day by day. Thousands of them are downloaded every day. There are numerous deals like seasonal offers and coupons that are provided by online bookstores from time to time. Hence, these sites are one of the best ways to make significant savings on your purchase. You can get here various genres of online books for children starting from fiction, non -fiction, poems to literature.